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Thanks for all the support they have given me in this new phase. Undoubtedly, from the various recruitment options that are available, yours is by far the one that provides the best service in several respects. People working in Vitae Professionals have always maintained contact since the beginning of the process until the present day, trying to clarify and resolve all doubts and problems that have arisen. They try to provide as much help as possible, not only for employment, but in everything that involves moving to a different country. Tiago C., Setembro de 2012

I always had the support of Vitae Professionals, whenever I needed something, to ask and clarify questions, and they never failed to provide moral support when we were discouraged. They are excellent. Thank you for this opportunity!R.M.

Thank you for Vitae Professionals! You should have heard this many times, but I truly realized how important they were in our lives! They are a light at the end of the tunnel! An emergency exit to a world full of possibilities!A.F.C.

(...) Thank all of you for all your work and dedication, it is always good to have competent people helping us getting a chance in the work world.João M., Outubro de 2012

My name is Bruno Monteiro and I am a Radiology Technician. Over about three years I did an internship in Portugal. As it was impossible for me to find any type of contract or employment in Radiology in my country, I moved to England last year to continue to exercise my profession. After doing some research I found Vitae Professionals. I sent my resume (in English) and my info and the on the following day I had an answer.I kept in constant contact with Vitae and about one month after that I had an offer to work as locum in Oxford. So far it has been a very positive experience. The staff of the Radiology department is quite nice and receptive and has helped me a lot to adapt to the methods used in radiology in England. Thanks Vitae! Bruno M., Fevereiro de 2014